Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting to know Silverleaf Financial and Shane Baldwin

Getting to know Silverleaf Financial and Shane Baldwin

Based in Salt Lake City, Silverleaf Financial is an up-and-coming private equity firm specializing in acquiring loans through commercial real estate, and works with FDIC banks and other financial institutions to protect and purchase assets across the board. Headed by CEO Shane Baldwin, the company has grown out of Salt Lake City to become a national player in the commercial and residential real estate markets.

Silverleaf is unique in the market, in that they maintain a constant flow of distressed or defaulted commercial whole loans, and formulate the best possible solution to get the most they can out of these properties and loans through future monetization. Working within the constraints and challenges of the current market, Silverleaf focuses exclusively on specific criteria for acquiring loans, including geographic location, asset class (multi-family, hospitality, industrial, retail, etc.), cash flow, property age and condition, and more.

With exit strategies and more always close at hand, Silverleaf Financial works to maximize value of their acquisitions and turn over or re-trade or negotiate over distressed properties in a way that best fits their business model as a private equity firm.

Silverleaf Financial has been busy in recent years, acquiring a great deal of land and property from around the country, including a 6,000 acre golf and equestrian community in Colorado, the Pine Canyon Golf Club in Flagstaff, Arizona, a $16 million portfolio of loans secured by apartment complexes in Georgia, and a $17.7 million residential condominium and retail development in Salt Lake City.

Never a group to shy away from opportunity, Silverleaf Financial has taken advantage of the recent recession and lag in the commercial real estate market to take control of distressed and non-performing properties and loans, and capitalize on them as the market begins to turn around for the better.

It's not all business at Silverleaf Financial, though; CEO Shane Baldwin has made it a point to give back and be a point of light within the Salt Lake community, as evidenced by his recent significant donation to the "Both Ends Burning" Campaign. The campaign, a world-wide non-governmental organization, creates a better international adoption system so that orphaned and abandoned children from around the world can grow into loving homes and productive adults.

Baldwin, himself adopted at a young age, makes it a priority to give back and support important causes that he deems worthy, proving Silverleaf's commitment to the less fortunate. Baldwin's work in the community has made Silverleaf more than just another private equity firm, but a company seeking to provide value to its neighbors and community stakeholders through real estate and distressed debt, and positive community involvement.

As Silverleaf expands across the country, watch for their profile to rise in the area of distressed debt and non-performing loans in the private equity space, and within commercial, residential, and other real estate areas. Their work in Utah and throughout the West is only a harbinger of more good things to come for Silverleaf Financial and Shane Baldwin.

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