Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shane Baldwin Discusses Company's General Process

Silverleaf Financial CEO Dwight Shane Baldin summarizes his company's process.

Salt Lake City,UT (I-Newswire) February 22, 2011 - Dwight Shane Baldwin, CEO of SilverLeaf Financial SilverLeaf Website , recently spoke about the company’s general process and value proposition that begins with identifying under-performing loans that display the potential to achieve a targeted return on investment.

Prior to making a bid to purchase pools from within an FDIC offering, the SilverLeaf Financial team thoroughly underwrites and carefully analyzes each loan in order to determine the value in a potential acquisition. Pools that do not fit the SilverLeaf criteria for profitability are not bid upon. Those pools that are selected and bid upon for purchase have an associated plan of action ready for implementation. This ensures prompt liquidation once the bid award is obtained. Dwight Shane Baldwin and the SilverLeaf team of experts carry a reputation for their exceptional evaluation and assessment prowess, including the capacity to efficiently and effectively complete the workout process.

When asked about current pricing in the market, Baldwin said, “I think we will see pricing come down, because there is so much on the market. I believe we will be able to buy loans at better prices than we’ve seen historically. We are also seeing more non-recourse commercial loans being sold this quarter opposed to recourse loans, as well as more and more loans secured by retail assets.”

Baldwin attributed the company’s success to being very selective in its purchase of non-performing loans at a discount, and the company’s team of experienced experts with backgrounds in real estate, asset management, leasing, commercial lending, accounting, and law. Baldwin says the Silverleaf team strives to create positive results for investors, sellers and asset buyers.

Dwight Shane Baldwin applies years of entrepreneurial success to his position as founder and CEO of private equity firm SilverLeaf Financial. Possessing an education in business administration and marketing from Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Dwight Shane Baldwin takes charge of the company with a strong work ethic and seasoned management experience. Baldwin founded SilverLeaf Financial in 2008 and has helped bring it to the forefront of its industry. Baldwin and his veteran team acquire these assets through loans and loan pools purchased from financial institutions like the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) regional banks, special servicers and other financial institutions. In addition to loan pools, SilverLeaf Financial collects first position deeds of trust loans and performing and non-performing pools, providing banks throughout the United States with the process of prompt monetization. SilverLeaf has purchased well over 100 assets, totaling approximately $400 Million in face value.

About SilverLeaf

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, SilverlLeaf has quickly become an expert in the distressed debt arena. Through highly active involvement in the industry, they have gained the experience necessary to conduct due diligence thoroughly, yet efficiently. SilverLeaf focuses on acquiring non-performing 1st position Deed of Trust whole loans and whole loan pools in the individual or combined UPB range of $1 Million to $50 Million.


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