Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shane Baldwin

Shane Baldwin  is a great entrepreneur and visionary. His drive and ambition, sheer determination, and undoubting self-belief have always propelled into success such as the driving force behind SilverLeaf Utah Financial.

Shane D. Baldwin brings many talents to SilverLeaf with his refined set of skills, many achievements through success and various diverse situations amidst a unique array of life and business ventures.

Shane Baldwin of Utah prides himself on giving attention to even the smallest details with an unyielding work ethic and a true burning desire to create a win/win situations for all those of whom he comes in contact with.

As shown in the listed below Shane has many professional and personal achievements and highlights to showcase.

What has Shane Baldwin Utah CEO done in Business ?

*Has managed, operated and sold several highly profitable companies.
*Great Financial Adviser at the firm Merrill Lynch for 4 years, targeting immense business development and client acquisitions that nearly totaled $610 Million.
*Founder of SilverLeaf Companies three branches
*SilverLeaf Financial, Real Estate, and Asset Management

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